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Jan Kruml is a fashion, advertising and documentary photographer based in Prague where he runs his own 300 m2 studio photo-factory.cz He has done work for several advertising and fashion agencies, as well as travel agency brochures. Jan also specializes in black and white fine art photography. Jan is fluent in English, French, Russian and Turkish, as well as his native Czech.

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About Career

Till present day Jan was working in many countries of the world. Photography is for his living for more then 15 years.

A lots of acquired experiences saves a time (and client´s financial investment) to get best possible result as soon as possible client needs.

After many years of making photos all around the world for many clients (firms, companies, corporations, newspapers, publishers, TV channels, private persons etc.), gaining knowledges from frontier czech well-known photographers Jan has a lot what to offer to You.

Working area

I am working all around the world, providing complete photo service for companies of all kind.

Digital photography: advertising, commercial, annual corporate, reportages, coverages, event, documentary, architectural, details, people, portraits, close-up pictures, acts, meetings, community party, weddings, nature, landscapes, animals, flowers etc.

Others: photobooks, black&white photos, panoramatic photos, large digital negative (DNG) database, fine art prints.

All in professional quality for common prices.

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